Even & Odds Watering Schedule

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Even-Odd Watering Program Can Save You Money

Did you know? You can save money on your bill by following the Even-Odd Watering program. This is a great way to save our precious water resource and it’s so easy.

If your address is an even-numbered house, water your lawn on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. If your address is an odd-numbered house, water your lawn on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

To prevent water evaporation watering is prohibited between 10am-6pm.

Tips to Keep Your Lawn Healthy This Summer

  • Lawns in our area typically need 1 to 1.5 inches of water per week from irrigation or rainfall during summer to remain green and actively growing.
  • An easy way to determine how much you are watering is to place tin cans—empty tuna cans work well—to measure the amount of water you are applying to your lawn. These can help you avoid over-watering or missing spots.
  • The best time to water a lawn is during the early morning hours, when wind is low and loss of water through evaporation is minimal. Watering early in the morning also helps prevent turf diseases. Avoid irrigating during mid-day and windy conditions.
  • Make sure you water the lawn, not sidewalks and road surfaces. Move and adjust sprinklers frequently enough to avoid puddles and runoff.
  • Water problem areas by hand to postpone the need for irrigation of the entire lawn. Some areas of a lawn usually dry out before others; spot water them as needed.
  • Grasses can be trained to endure the season, developing deeper roots that draw moisture from a larger volume of soil. So even on your designated days, water only if necessary. Rainfall can eliminate the need for lawn irrigation entirely—even if it’s your day to water.

If you have any questions about the Even-Odd Watering program, give us a call at (208) 228-3220.